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John and Karen Elias are Americans who work with Applied Biblical Christianity. After almost four years in Slough, they have moved to Leytonstone, East London. John was formerly a Pastor at Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Church and he and Karen have been involved in many cross-cultural ministries before their move to the UK.

Many traditional English communities are experiencing great change these days. An influx of ethnic groups is changing the makeup of our schools, High Streets, and communities. The unknown is often a cause of fear and distrust. This can be the experience of long term members of the neighbourhood as well as the new residents.

The Muslim population continues to grow. Neighbourhoods change drastically. Many Muslims are confused by the lifestyle of those they consider Christians. Many Christians do not understand Islam and fear that all Muslims are radical and different. But, Christianity is not a culture or ethnicity that one has because of where they were born. It is not something that one has just because their parents may have been Christians. Christianity is rightly understood as an individual's personal relationship with God through trusting in Jesus Christ. Individuals become Christians one by one as they believe God, not by being citizens of a nation. Because culture and religion are so intertwined in Islam, many Muslims have a hard time realising that all Westerners are not Christians. The West has a Christian cultural heritage, but in the main our culture and society have left that heritage to pursue a more secular course.

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We believe there is a great need to embrace Biblical Christianity and live in a way that demonstrates we are a part of the Kingdom of God and not just members of an earthly kingdom. As members of Applied Biblical Christianity, our goal is to enhance peace and harmony between the Islamic and Christian communities by helping each to gain a better understanding of the others historic faith. Not all who call themselves Christians or Muslims are true followers of their historic teachings. There are many current aberrations of both positions which are causing fear, disharmony, and strife. As Christians better understand the teachings of Islam, it will remove fear and promote trust. As Muslims can see Biblical Christianity, many of the misunderstandings which have promoted strife will be removed and respect will grow. As all better understand the teachings of Biblical Christianity, they will be led to find true peace.

Further, we desire to assist local churches in recognising the spiritual needs and opportunities for ministry of the Gospel that these changes make possible.

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