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The following is compiled from e-mails received from Jeremiah:
November 2010

eremiah, Joyce and Jemimah Send their grateful thanks for money raised to help Joyce and Jemima set up a shop where they sell clothes. We raised the sum of 500 which they have now received.
Jeremiah writes:-
We are very grateful. Joyce wishes to use part of that money for buying a simple sowing machine (for sowing clothes by over-locking). So I have to get time and travel to Kampala (our capital city) and look for it
Warm and love greetings from Joyce and Jemimah.
Saturday 28th August 2010

Greetings and love to you.

have just returned to Kumi today after completing lectures for the Third Module of my Education Degree Course. All has been quite fine during the course. Most important is the fact that all my fees were completed for this Third Module and I felt so humble when one of my course-mates was unable to turn up for the Module due to inability to pay his fees. I must therefore hereby thank you all the friends/supporters in Cornwall. Through you friends; EBENEZER: this far the Lord has brought me. Greetings and love to all the church members.

My family is fine too. We have learned that Jerry donated blood to one of the Priest's wife who was admitted at Hospital near the school he is studying. I think he is being kind. I hope to go and see him tomorrow after church service. Jael stood to become Deputy Head girl and she was elected. I was invited to swear them as new student leaders in their school. It was an amazing experience to have my own daughter stand before me to swear. Jethro did well at his end of term exam. Jemimah and my wife, Joyce, are working at their shop. Thank you for your prayers for our family.

Kumi Diocese is planning for a Diocesan Convention this December. A team from a Liverpool Parish is expected to join in this convention. It is hoped that Peter Walker (the one who wrote 'The Jesus Way') will be coming to Kumi to run a conference with our sub-parish church teachers in April/May 2011.

Once again, kindly convey our greetings and love to the church members.
The Lord bless you all.

Jeremiah and Joyce.

June 2nd:-
reetings and love to you and your families. I am now left with one day only to be here at Uganda Christian University; Saturday I travel back to Kumi. This academic module has been very enjoyable and enriching. There was much class & out-of-class/group discussions on real school life issues affecting our schools in Uganda. Guess!! I would compare with what I observed from the schools I visited in U.K. Fortunately, one other classmate and the Lecturer himself had been to U.K in the recent past visiting schools. Interesting comparisons. I have really enjoyed this May Module so did other classmates. Now we go back home on Saturday with some coursework/assignments and shall come back in August (August Module.) Friends at Cornwall, thank you for all your prayers and great, great support. Kindly convey my love and greetings to all friends.

God bless you all.

any warm greetings and gratitude from my family and I. Every time I remember with joy and gratitude the fact that God touched hearts at St. Keverne to help me go on further studies. I can't imagine being able to pay that amount of fees for my course on my own. Tony, and everybody there please thank you. I am back at Kumi taken up with a lot of work. I shall be going back for my course in May. Meanwhile there are assignments that need to be done before I go back then. I haven't started on that yet due to this other workload in Kumi.

You really need to come out of that cold winter. I think it has been too much and too long. Thanks that you are able to cope with it.

My family is quite fine. Jemimah and Jerry are both at home. Their '0' Level results were released. Both of them obtained Grade III. Jemimah had repeated. Jeremiah is unwilling to repeat. He has applied for a course in Nursing at Ngora Nurses School which Gill Fairhurst knows. He will do interviews in April if he is shortlisted. We are desperately hoping that he will get shortlisted and that he shall pass the interview. Even as we hope for that, many other things come into mind including the challenge of raising his fees as this is as well too high. Jemimah's hearing defect continues to be a thorn in the flesh. However, she seems to accept it now. She does a lot of work at home helping mother with family chores. We are thinking to have her do some Certificate course at Kumi University. I hope that she shall be considered. Meanwhile, Jael Gloria, Jethro, and Joy Mary are continuing with their studies.

My wife, Joyce is ever busy with work at home. Now she has to plan to go to the village to start cultivating crops. We are now receiving rains for cultivation. But she gets body pains at times. We all believe that she has overworked her body all these years, moreover keeping herself confined at home with negligible time for outing; mostly going to the church for prayers. We are planning that she creates some business to do, which Jemimah would join. This means Jemimah would take up a course on a weekend programme if we finally get some business for Joyce. So this is our family prayer request: that Joyce gets some business to do. She thinks of buying and selling secondhand clothes, getting start-up capital, getting a room in town to rent for it, the financial aspect for all this ,etc, etc.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Thanks for your great love, indeed great love from St. Keverne. Thanks for your great love friends. Let the tears now wetting my eyes thank you. Let me stop here.

God Bless you.

oyce and Jemimah have chosen to buy and sell second hand clothes as their business. And they wish to acquire a refrigerator so that they could sell cold soda as well. Joyce is praying so much about the plans for her business. I have already helped to identify the room in town. I am now waiting to make an agreement with the owner (who stays in Kampala), it is hoped that, he will come in two weeks' time. I shall be travelling to Uganda Christian University on 26th April 2010; to start the next Module (called May Module) for one month I am very happy and encouraged by your readiness to advise or share my plans/visions. The idea of a Childcare Centre is now building up in my mind. Thanks for my visit to Cornwall: the inspiration is from your Little Fishes. I would like to write a plan by early June (or as soon as possible); although I am going to be much engaged by May Study Module. Our son Jerry, has been admitted to train as a Nurse at Ngora Nurses School. As you may remember, this is what Jemimah had wanted, but we tactfully convinced her to consider another direction due to her hearing problem. She strongly asked me what my plans are for her (Now that Jerry is joining Nursing, what about me, what are your plans for me?) It was a great opportunity for me to explain more deeply for her to embrace joining Joyce later in managing some small business. She smiled.

God bless all.

Jeremiah Acelun
Jeremiah Acelun
Please pray for Jeremiah as he works on research for his degree, that God will bless his studies and provide the academic material he needs. Also for Joyce and Jemimah in their venture, and Jerry as he starts his nursing training.
Jeremiah Acelun at work
Jeremiah Acelun at work
Jeremiah Acelun at work
Jeremiah Acelun at work