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The churches of St. Keverne parish are mission oriented and have a history of supporting people working in the mission field.

Currently we support John and Karen Elias working for Applied Biblical Christianity in Leytonstone, East London.
We also support in prayer Rev. Jeremiah Acelun in Uganda, currently Studying at Kumi University.
Locally we are engaged in mission activities including running an
ALPHA course.
We also support a small charity in Africa called FELICA which seeks to reach out to children, often unwanted and abandoned, in Conakry, Guinea.
As another part of our outreach in the local community we have a Pastoral Care Team which offers a listening ear to those who feel in need of support.
Some of our members are team leaders on the Walk for 1000 Men events organised by Through Faith Mission.

The mission of the church is to take the Love of God into the community around us, in this vein the activities of the S.K.Y.P. Club and the Parents & Toddlers are also relavent.
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