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Alpha at St Keverne - 2015
Life is full of questions

For you, Jesus may not be one of them.
Life has more pressing issues.

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But how is it that an illegitimate Jewish boy in a backwater of the Roman Empire, who only surfaced publicly for three years and died an ignominious death as a criminal leaving a few untutored and disappointed followers ... not only turned that Roman world upside down, but is still changing millions of lives throughout our world today.
Perhaps Jesus should be one of your questions?
This autumn we will beholding another opportunity ask questions about Jesus using the Alpha Course, on Tuesday evenings in St Keverne.

Each evening will start with a meal followed by a video presentation and time to discuss what we have seen together - it's not a quiz or a course to be passed, just time to hear together and share each person's own response.

It starts with a taster evening, without commitment, on Tuesday 29th September in the Community Room at St Keverne Church. Everyone is welcome..


Come and Try It
The first evening is an introductory session, without commitment, for all to come and see whether this is for you. Like all the evenings it will start with a meal, followed by a video presentation and will end with time for informal discussions - time to ask questions and see what you think.

If you want to continue there will be a weekly session up until Christmas and the more that you can. make the better it will be, but if you can't make one or two weeks it will still make sense. We will start in the Community Room at St Keverne Church, but future locations in St Keverne, may depend upon numbers. Each session begins at 6.30pm and will end at 9pm. There is no cost, although donations to support the cost of the meal will be possible.

If you can, let us know that you're coming
You can come to the introductory evening just as you want without booking.

However, it would help with catering to know roughly how many are coming.

It is an opportunity not to be missed!

If you would like any more information do contact John Wilks using the Contact Organiser button right, or Revd. Peter Sharpe using the Contact The Vicar button at the bottom right of this page.

If you would like to know more about Alpha in St. Keverne please use the Contact Button below.

In Autumn, 2015, we are running an evening course in St. Keverne Church Community room.
Below is the schedule of the course to give you a flavour of what it entails.
Sep 29th Introductory Session - Is there more to life than this?
Oct 6th Session 1 - Who is Jesus?
Oct 13th Session 2 - Why Did Jesus Die?
Oct 20th Session 3 - How can we have Faith?
Oct 27th Session 4 - Why and How Do I Pray?
Nov 3rd Session 5 - Why and How Should I read the Bible?
Nov 10th Session 6 - How Does God Guide Us?
Nov 17th Session 7 - Who Is the Holy Spirit?
Nov 21st Session 8 - What Does The Holy Spirit Do?
    Session 9 - How Can I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?
Nov 24th Session 10 - How Can I Resist Evil?
Dec 1st Session 11 - Why and How Should I Tell Others?
Dec 8th Session 12 - Does God Heal Today?
Dec 15th Session 13 - What About the Church?
Dec 22nd Session 14 - How can I make the most of the rest of my life?