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Welcome to the web site of St. Keverne and St. Peter`s churches. This page gives hints about how to get the best out of the site. This version of the web site was modified on January 1st 2010, the general layout has been changed and the underlying structure brought into line with more up to date coding methods.

Because it not longer uses lots of small images to do such things as menus and web links it will work much faster. It is also easier for the developers to add new areas of interest. The site is best viewed with a monitor having a resolution of 1280 by 1024 but is acceptable at 1024 by 768. Testing has been done with Firefox as the main browser and also Internet Explorer.

There is a consistency of format for all the pages. The top right side of the banner gives the name of the area being viewed with the name of the sub-area or current month and year below it. To the left is a menu leading to the major areas, and when viewing an area that has sub pages a sub menu will be displayed. Below the menu upward pointing arrows can be used to return to the top of the page, there should always be at least one visible when scrolling down.

A view of St.Keverne
A view of St.Keverne ©D.J.S.

Where a picture has a drop shadow clicking on it will usually bring up a larger version, though sometimes it may take you to a sub-page of the area being viewed. Clicking on the big picture will return you to the main text. Note that it is necessary to have scripting and cookies working for this facility to work. Most of the pictures are copyright and should not be copied, copyright information is given in the right margin.

You will also need to enable script in order to view the calendar for the St. Keverne Church Hall and the links to the Lectionary in the Diary page.

Images, usually in the form of a button, that change when the cursor passes over them indicate links to another page or an external web site or bring up the email utility preset to a particular email address. Inline links are indicated by a different colour text, usually pale blue, which changes colour when the cursor passes over them. External links, when encountered in the text, will usually be in pale mauve and will always be displayed in a new window or tab.

The following is a note about the contents of the major areas:-
Home Takes you back to the home page.
Gives you general information about the doings of the parish.
Clergy Tells you about the clergy and readers of the parish.
Mission Tells you about the mission activities of the church and has news letters from our mission partners.
Architecture Tells you about the architecture of the churches.
History Has some interesting historical facts.
Gallery Leads to picture collections, usually of special functions involving flowers.
St. Keverne
  Church Hall
About St. Keverne Church Hall, including contact details.
Copyright Info
D.J.S. David Snell.
M.J. Margaret Jackson
K.McG. Ken McGregor
N.F. Nicole Fraser
J.McC. Jeremy McCabe
D.Mack. Rev. Deirdre Mackrill
T.W. Rev. Tony. Whitaker
N.B. Nathan Batley
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