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Have you walked in the churchyards recently? The primroses are beginning to carpet the grass, so well kept by Jeff Clayton from St. Keverne. On clear days, there are beautiful views out over Coverack Bay and Falmouth Bay. Our churchyards are places of great comfort to mourners, and a delight to visitors.

If you have walked in St. Keverne churchyard, you may have noticed a great deal of activity with a digger, and then lots of hard work by Derek Kevern and friends in the last couple of months. The reason for the activity is an attempt to keep badgers out of the churchyard. The tell-tale sign of the presence of badgers is grass up-rooted as the animals forage for juicy worms and grubs. Unfortunately the foraging can disturb graves. A badger-proof fence is now in place along the north-west boundary wall.

The churchyards are administered by a committee. The committee is chaired by Howard Bray, and is made up of a group of local men and women. I have served on many committees performing various functions, and I can truthfully say that the band administering our churchyards is unanimously concerned, dedicated and are constantly hands-on in their approach. The Parish Council makes a grant towards keeping the grass cut in St. Keverne and Coverack. Other funds for maintenance and development of the churchyards come from internment fees and kind donations. Howard Bray would be delighted to receive donations towards the care of the churchyards at any time.

(Jackie Allen - Hon. Sec.)

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View from St. Keverne Churchyard
View from St. Keverne Churchyard ©D.J.S.
Coverack Church view
Coverack Church view ©D.J.S.
St. Keverne Churchyard
St. Keverne Churchyard ©D.J.S.