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At the various Festivals where the church is decorated a series of pictures may be taken. This page is an index to the rooms of the gallery, click on the sample picture to enter a room.
Be warned that entering a room in this gallery will cause the whole set of pictures to be loaded, this can be several megabytes, so if you still use a dial up connection it may take a long time to complete.
Inside St. Keverne Church
Inside St. Keverne Church ©D.J.S.

To Harvest 2009
View Harvest 2009 pictures
Size 1.4Mb 32 pictures

To Easter 2010
View Easter 2010 pictures
Size 1.12Mb 24 pictures

To Flower Festival 2010
View 2010 Flower Festival pictures
Size 3.28Mb 52 pictures

To Harvest 2010
View Harvest 2010 pictures
Size 2.7Mb 46 pictures

To Banners
View St. Keverne and St. Peter`s banner pictures
Size 1.0Mb 20 pictures

To Harvest 2011
View Harvest 2011 pictures
Size 3.6Mb 61 pictures

To Flower Festival 2012
View 2012 Flower Festival pictures
Size 1.91Mb 31 pictures